Renovation Journal – Bachelor Unit Upgrade

Do you think 2 and 3-bedroom units are the only way to go? Think again! This small bachelor unit is one of our most popular rental units plus it has the best small space layout I’ve ever seen. Let me show you how this cute unit transformed from tired, dingy and dated to bright, cheerful, and renovated.

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How to Successfully Invest in Historic Properties

Do you want to invest in historic properties but are afraid of their past history? Do you dream of renovating a property to restore its glory like you see on HGTV? Learn why we invest in historic properties, what to look for when buying one, and how you can successfully invest in historic homes.

So, how old is historic?

First, let’s create a little context. How old does a house have to be to qualify as “historic”? Well, there is no universally recognized time period before a house is considered historic. In fact, many old house lovers will classify any old or vintage home as “historic.”

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The Top Real Estate Blogs We’re Reading – Spring 2018

We’re often asked where we learn about real estate investing, the current market, finances, and personal growth. A common question I get is, what are we reading right now? Read more

Why we live “small” in a big house, and you should too

Let me tell you one of the best ways to avoid being “house poor” and kickstart your real estate investing career in a big way; start living “small” in a big house. Wait, what?  Welcome to the concept of house hacking.

John and I live in the smallest unit of our biggest triplex. We live in a newly renovated, 900 sq foot, two bedroom unit and our tenants pay almost all of the property’s expenses.

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